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'Swasthya' (pronounced Swaas-thya) is 'a healthy & centred well-being' in Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages known to us. At AIM Swasthya, we bring to you the best of Eastern and Western approaches to enhance your well-being. For your health journey, we offer three gateways: Manage diseases. Prevent disorders. Promote health.

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AIM Swasthya is an idea to attain optimal health through the best accessible approaches of Eastern and Western health philosophies. Naturally, there have been hundreds of historical and contemporary contributors across the world towards this idea. People who have followed traditions. People who have broken free to disruptively advance medicine. People who have rekindled the past wisdom for our times. In more ways than one, they all belong to AIM Swasthya.

I have valued these endeavors enough to create AIM Swasthya as a platform for integrative health. A childhood history of bronchial asthma had led me to closely witness many health systems including the traditional wisdom of India, Ayurveda. As it helped me significantly, I chose to study both Ayurveda and modern medicine under a 8.5 year structured integrated university programme (BAMS, MD(Ayurveda)). Mentored by some of the best minds in both systems of medicine, I went on to consult patients in India for more than a decade. Sometimes called a healer, I am also a writer, an editor, a speaker,  a yoga enthusiast and an amateur chef, hiker and biker. When I moved to the San Francisco Bay area in 2014 after living in India for 30 years,  I noticed the palpable differences in the health systems affecting us as individuals. A divide, which I hope to bridge through AIM Swasthya. My professional background and contributions can be found here

Dr.Namyata Pathak Gandhi

BAMS, MD (Ayurveda), VSF

Integrative Ayurveda Physician

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