Key talks and presentations

 For health services to communities/ patient groups

1. Pathak NY, Shah M, Dhami-Shah H, Vaidya RA. Health Aspirations : A woman in her middle age to women at different forums – Yoga group, women’s organization, colleges. 2011

2. Pathak NY, Shukla MB, Raut AA, Vaidya RA, Vaidya AB. An exploratory use of Anuvasana Basti in patients with Parkinsonian Syndrome: Challenges and opportunities. World Ayurveda Congress 2010

3. Pathak NY, Tarodi K, Shukla M, Raut AA, Vaidya RA, Vaidya AB. A camp study for patients of Parkinson’s Disease: Emergent Scope for Ayurvedic management. Pune: Ayurveda Update; 2009

4. Pathak NY, Dhami H, Shah M, Vaidya R et al. Steps to Swasthya and Ayurceuticals: New path to health. ICMR Strategic Thrust symposium. Mumbai May 2012


For health product development

1. Pathak NY. Reverse Pharmacology of Nutraceuticals. GSK R&D team. Apr 2013

2. Pathak NY. Ayurceuticals: Logic, Need, Possibilities. Nutraceuticals India 2012. New Delhi Oct 2012

3. Pathak NY, Vaidya A. Ayurceuticals: Need, Scope, Potential, Approach. Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd. May 2012

4. Pathak NY. Roots of Modern Medicine in Reverse Pharmacology. to Strathclyde University Faculty.KHS-MRC, Apr 2012


For new attitudes/considerations for mainstreaming Ayurveda

1. Pathak NY. Confluence of Mahasrotas and Microbiome. Technical project meet with Uni of Ghent, Belgium & Viridis BioPharma. KHS –MRC. Apr 2013

2. Pathak NY. Sympathetic-Parasympathetic imbalance in metabolic syndrome. Project meet with Haffkine team. May 2013

3. Pathak NY. Katidhapurushiya (Charaka chapter) & Bhagvad Gita: as key insights from Ayurveda to modern medicine. Vaidya Scientist Contact Session. Bengaluru IAIM Feb 2012

4. Pathak NY. Alvan Feinstein’s Clinical Judgment in context of Ayurveda Judgment. Vaidya Scientist Contact Session. Bengaluru IAIM 2011

5. Pathak NY, Vaidya AB. Observational therapeutics: Scope, Requisites at Workshop for training in ICMR Reverse Pharmacology. March 2011

6. Pathak NY, Kothari M, Doshi J, Vaidya AB. Pathogenesis of Amlapitta due to high salt intake: Current discoveries confirm Charaka. Mumbai: Tadvidya Sambhasha VI; 2009