My second daughter is born healthy except she seemed to have a constipative tendency since the first year. Every few weeks, she would not move her bowels for days, become cranky and scream when she passed dry hard stools. Of course I would give her laxatives and have even used suppositories during those days. When she was at age 3.5 years, I went to Dr.Pathak during another acute episode when suppositories were becoming more frequent than I liked. She asked me a direct leading question beyond fibre and water content of her meals: ‘Is she a caesarean baby with an early exposure to antibiotics? YES! I said, feeling we may have nailed something. She suggested probiotic supplements for her and from the third day onwards, my baby has been moving her bowels daily without anything other help for nearly four weeks now. It seems magical and I hope it reduces the episodes too. Dr.Pathak’s understanding of herbs, supplements, western medicine and diagnosis alongwith Ayurveda knowledge is delightful. She seems to know when to use what, and understands individual differences.

I am a diabetic with a high stress job and much international travel. I used to come down with colds and flus every two-three months for nearly four years. Dr.Pathak, made a few recommendations improve my immunity system which I took regularly for many months.

I did not quite realize what a difference they had made until a colleague commented about how I was holding up. It was then that it occurred to me – nearly two years had passed since my last bout of flu! Dr Namyata Pathak has been our family doctor for more than a decade.
She is the first call we make when anyone in the family feels the least bit poorly. She’s a great doctor not only to bring you back to health, but also to help you stay there!

I am a yoga teacher. About six weeks before I met Dr.Pathak, I had fallen on my tailbone and had a minor crack. Though the crack had enough time to heal, my movements became restricted was unable to perform my asanas. Even sitting, standing up and turning myself in bed had become hard. I took painkillers, but their effects did not last long and I was aware that they needed to be minimized. Dr.Pathak asked me to drink sesame oil every morning, gave me the Ayurvedic medicine. In about two weeks, I started feeling much better every day and the episode was behind me about five weeks later.

Later, I was detected with tuberclousis of the lungs (like sarcoidosis) a few years later which also coincided with my menopausal phase with hot flushes. I was put on heavy doses of anti tuberculosis medicines which I could not tolerate very well. I immediately contacted Doctor Namyata, she told me to continue with my allopathic medicines and gave me very good immunizing ayurvedic medicines which considerably reduced my discomforts like burning sensations in stomach and the entire body, sleeplessness etc. She also handled me very carefully even on my emotional ground during this delicate phase of my life.

I feel that Ayurveda treatment if taken under the right doctor, who has the heart of a healer can be a boon. To me, Dr.Namyata is that person.

I had a recurring problem of stomach infection since my childhood. With Allopathy medicine I used to get relief for some time but it used to recur frequently. I was also skeptical about Ayurvedic branch of medicine. But however, when I found my husband (Sumer’s) recovery from reflux, I went to Namyata. After thorough examination she went into the root cause. After taking her treatment for about 4 months I was cured and now there is hardly any recurrence of a problem that I had for nearly five decades!

I share the above views of my husband about Namyata and her work and I wish her a great success in her work!

“My wife and I had met Namyata sometime in 2010 at her father’s farm house.  She had shared with us her burning passion and deep interest in Ayurvedic branch of medicine.  However, we never went to her for any treatment as we were firm believers in Allopathic branch of medicine and were skeptical about Ayurveda.

I was suffering from chronic reflux and even after taking treatment of more than half a dozen top notch doctors practising Allopathy, I could not recover.  After suffering for several years when I lost all the hopes I took Namyata’s appointment.   After going through my entire case history and clinical examination, she was able to diagnose the root cause of my ailment and gave me a list of medicines and dietary restrictions.  Her treatment worked wonders and I had a fairly good recovery.  This gave me new lease of life. This experience taught me that Ayurvedic treatment is non invasive, with no side effects, holistic and spiritual based on centuries of research by Indian sages defined by researchers in this field . I found that Ayurveda does not work on the symptoms like in Allopathy where there is lot of suppression with its side effects, but it strives to eradicate the main cause of the disease.  Of course, Allopathy has its own place in certain situations.

As I came more in touch with Namyata, I could see her burning passion for research in this field.  She is a rising star and I am sure she will put at rest the doubts that the westerners may have with regard to Ayurvedic branch of medicine,  just not by words but by giving them holistic treatment.  She will capture new frontiers.  She will constantly strive to alleviate people from their suffering.”