Manage diseases. Prevent disorders. Promote health.

 By categorizing the three goals, AIM Swasthya hopes to make the process from disease to health more functional. Here you would find the principles of 'Promote health' are valid for both 'Prevent disorders' and 'Manage diseases.'  Similarly, prevention strategies are valid while managing disorders.

The concept and logic of Ayurveda's approach for health applications

 Multiple levels of interactions between man (purusha) and nature (loka) form the basis of health promotion and therapeutics in Ayurveda. A framework that has remained functional and useful for millenia, is captured in the poster below. AIM Swasthya pragmatically applies it alongwith fundamental biomedical understanding.

Tillu G, Gangadharan G, Vaidya ABD, Patwardhan B. Systems Ayurveda: Conceptual Foundation and Logic. Published by Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions, Bangalore. 2010. (Click image to enlarge)