Manage diseases

Potential benefits of complementing conventional medicine with Ayurveda

  1. Prevent acute episodes of established disease
  2. Reduce drug dependence
  3. Address disease mechanisms not covered by standard of care
  4.  Find causes/ precipitating agents of diseases by Ayurveda’s etiology
  5. Provide safer alternatives for drug intolerant patients
  6.  Empower with self-knowledge for health
  7. Improve quality of life

How does AIM Swasthya approach address gaps in conventional standard of care?

 With all the buzz around complementary, alternative and integrative medicine, it is obvious to wonder when, why and how can we safely use other health modalities. AIM Swasthya recommends the use of conventional medicine modalities first, in conjunction with your primary care physician. These treatments are mostly based on guidelines set by experts targeting important features of the disease. However, these may not be the complete solution when we understand how diseases arise and their nature of their impact in their entirety.

For example, the goal of treating Type 2 diabetes mellitus for doctors is glucose control measured with HbA1C. However, it is a known fact that it is a disease of carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism. As it is easily influenced by what we eat, when we eat, how we move and sleep, we can have powerful daily tools of affecting the disease course. Managing diabetes is also benefited by supporting the liver and gut function, protecting pancreatic beta cells and renal function, and improving muscle health.

Additionally, through a different Ayurvedic lens, a myriad of clinical symptoms and signs indicate the stage of the disease to open up an array of management options to improve health in this disease. Thus AIM Swasthya complements management of certain diseases - chronic and acute episodes - by using time tested health strategies, with some recommendations even being found beneficial in recent clinical and experimental studies.

AIM Swasthya's offering to improve health during diseases

A) Healthier living with disease - improving health in chronic conditions enlisted here, with expected benefits in each situation

B) Complementing acute episodes - acute viral infections, acute indigestion, acute episodes of chronic diseases like heart burn and migraine. Typically people take over the counter drugs after the condition has been diagnosed and manage acute attacks by themselves. Here is when AIM Swasthya can ease the suffering and aid recovery.