Promote health

Ayurveda is known for its inherent ability to create balance and harmony for lifelong health. It made the pursuit of health an intuitive means to steer life through daily choices. For millennia, it has empowered people for self-care, enabling them make pro-health choices with accessible products and convenient practices.

How has the knowledge stood the test of time? 

Its theoretical framework was based on the relationships of living beings with their external world. It was expressed in a language which could be easily experienced by the community and even used by experts. Such human experiences of subtleties of health and disease have remained the same across time. Ayurveda made its knowledge simple enough to practiced at home with an understanding of when to seek expert interventions. Some practices which benefit community health were converted into festive cultures to ensure mass-scale adoption.

How does Ayurveda promote health?

 Ayurveda provides a subjective rationale every life choice. For example, which kind of food helps which person at which life stage, when would be the best time to eat, what are good daily practices for whom, how to manage seasonal influences and other such questions are handled by Ayurveda. It is difficult for blanket directives from biomedical experts to give such health advice. In a world that values standardized references and yearns for enforceable definitive rules, the self-regulatory science of Ayurveda is not resorted to.

Ayurveda celebrates the uniqueness of people and their choices. It believes that as most decisions are relative to a frame of reference, the impact of detrimental choices is correctable by contrasting choices. Thus Ayurveda is not a preachy to-do list for everyone. The cause of all diseases is considered to be ‘not making the rightful choices in face of existing circumstances’, in an idea called ‘pragnyaapraadha’.

On which basis are choices considered 'healthy'?

 Understanding of the nature of substances and our own selves in the language of Ayurveda equips us with that knowledge. We can learn and experience its unique concepts like metabolic state (agni), gastro-intestinal health (koshtha), body type (prakruti), three energy states (tridosha), seasons (rutu), tastes (rasa), properties (guna), biological actions (karma).

Having this knowledge allows us to be aware of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states while acknowledging how our environment affects us. Using its language. we thus intuitively make life choices that continually nourish our being.

Although it may sound complicated, once experienced, the knowledge can become intuitive.

AIM Swasthya's offerings for 'Promote Health'

 • Curated resources for self-education (For specifics, see nutrition, sleep, life choices below).
• Interactive group sessions for communities and workplaces.
Consultations for individuals and families who wish to experience and learn with professional guidance.