How do we achieve ‘Swasthya’?

In the Eastern cultures, the experience of health is not the prerogative of those who are physically healthy alone. While we strive to achieve physical health, the higher aspiration is actually a sense of harmony and connectedness. Swastha is – ‘स्वे स्थित: इति स्वस्थ:’ a person centred in the self. It is an experience of a harmony beginning from the gross physical self to the subtlest of spiritual energies. It is this ideal which aspires all initiatives of AIM Swasthya, although physical health is most desirably pursued.

Sushrut, an Ayurvedic surgeon who has authored a major authoritative textbook describes the state of Swasthya as a state of balance between the doshas, agni, dhatus, malas (products and processes of metabolism, anabolism and catabolism) with a pleasant state of the mind, the senses and the spirit.

But how does one experience this state? What are the features of those who are truly healthy?

Charaka says, those with a balanced musculature, appropriate compactness, resilience to ward off diseases, a robustness to withstand hunger, thirst, cold and heat, an exercise tolerance, an ability to digest food well and feel hungry regularly are those who are healthy.


Dr. Namyata Pathak