Naman farms: A family initiative for nature & Ayurveda 


In 2004, the Naman Trust adopted the care of an untended, infertile, and desolate piece of land in Bhilawale Village, Karjat. Located 60 kms from Mumbai, it is the ‘weekend home’ for Mumbaikars. The vision of Naman trust is to facilitate a proximity to natural environment, to build sustainable ecological practices, and to promote traditional wisdom.

The Naman Trust, is a not-for-profit in India being actively run by Shri. Yatin Pathak, a chartered accountant who is a nature lover and seeker and Shri.Bharat Narsana, a businessman with rare sensitivities for community and social needs. After nearly 250 weekly visits, the area is now flourishing with nearly 300 species medicinal plants, fruit orchards, food grains and decorative plants and is a haven for birds, butterflies, bees. With help from their lively spouses, Sonal and Varsha, the duo foster all relationships with care. Local administration and ground level workers engage with a sense of ownership as they share breakfast over weekly meetings.

Their initial mission was to create a balanced, sustainable, ecological model for Organic farming. Thus preparations of organic pesticides from mixtures containing cow’s urine amongst other ingredients, enriching the topsoil with organic manure from vermiculture and cow dung have been major activities. They have adopted principles for organic cultivation based on the principles Masanobu Fukuoka, Yusuf Meheralli, Bhaskar Save, Shripad Dabholkar amongst others. Water harvesting and methods to increase the water table in the area are being used.

The farm is now used by local agricultural officers to educate farmers in the region about organic farming.

The medicinal plants here have been sourced from various nurseries all over India. A rich, fertile bed for medicinal plantations – Dhanwantari has been developed and is being cultivated. Preliminary facilities for community health and academic discussions are provided at Ram kutir. It has also been used to conduct a session of the national workshop on Reverse Pharmacology sponsored by the Indian Council of Medical Research, Govt. of India. On some weekends, Yoga workshops were conducted here to soak in a nearly heavenly experience of nature, so close to a very busy city like Mumbai.