Special focus 

AIM Swasthya currently offers specialized consultations for

Prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

There is an alarming prevalence of a high risk of preventable like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. AIM Swasthya strategies can be useful to turn this tide. In addition to popular risk modification solutions, we offer customized benefits stemming from AIM Swasthya's perspectives on nutritional principles, agni, gut and liver health, muscle and joint care, stress adaptation, and metabolic health.

AIM Swasthya has tied up with Kerala Ayurveda Academy to create a program offering in the Bay Area. More information coming soon!

Integrative management of Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's Disease has been considered to be a disease of motor dysfunction. However, it has been found that the non motor symptoms of the disease - constipation, fatigue, sleep, anxiety and others affect the quality of life much more. For non motor problems and increasing motor complications of levodopa is where AIM Swasthya offers additional advantages.

More details coming soon! Contact us for further information.