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mutual convenience

What to expect: A peek ahead

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1. Pre-meet (Save on consultation time!)
You pre-fill a form of personal, medical and nutritional information. Arrive with recent, available lab work and ongoing medications.
(People usually enjoy this process of self-reflection with our forms)

2.During the visit
a.  We analyze
  • Ayurvedic health parameters: dosha (imbalances) , agni (digestion and metabolism) , prakruti (constitution), bala (strength & immunity) through pulse reading and other means
  •  Requisite physical assessment/signs
  • Association/ causation of symptoms/condition according to different health system approaches.
  • Assess Nutrition and lifestyle - the 'good' and 'bad'
  • You as a person, in your socio-environmental context

b. You receive 
  •  Integrative Ayurveda analysis of your current health state.
  • Recommendations of mutually identified, high impact, feasible shifts in nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Recommendations of Ayurvedic formulations, health foods, health supplements as needed.
  • Assistance with avenues to source products: Online, Local grocery and health stores, Offline
  • If needed, notes, to discuss with your primary care physician/ other healthcare professional* to ensure you are  well investigated, and are not overlooking an identifiable, safely treatable health problem.
  • Pointers to areas and resources for immediate health education.

*(Dietitian, Physiotherapist, Yoga expert, Panchakarma expert and others)