When and how can AIM Swasthya benefit you?

A.  Generalities for health:

For health promotion, AIM Swasthya understands that the general principles for health first need to be shared and re-iterated in our ever evolving mileu. In light of time tested ancient principles, there exist newer threats and maybe also effective contemporary solutions which need to be duly considered. Also, we provide detailed self-evaluation and counselling for proactive individuals and families to live healthier.

B.  Pattern recognition in prevention:

For disease prevention, AIM Swasthya has an even more strong and unique role to play.

Health screenings can identify individuals with high risk of preventable chronic diseases. Such individuals can be advised as a group or on an individual basis with more concerted efforts than required at the level of health promotion.

Also individuals who have suboptimal health who experience digressions from health such as disproportionate fatigue, recent weight gain or lack of ease are actively advised. Persons with recurrent diseases or predispositions to certain ailments can be assisted by identifying potential causes in lifestyle, environmental or predisposition, and provided with tools to manage those.

Persons in life transitions like puberty, pregnancy and lactation, menopause, andropause and aging are vulnerable to diseases. Timely actions can be very useful in preventing damage.

C. Specifics to improve disease management:

For better disease management we can provide complementary medicine to standard of care medications to address unsolved issues. We may also provide safer and more cost effective alternatives for selected conditions if reasonably desired. We are concerned with positively influencing the course of the disease, reducing drug related adverse effects and drug dependence, addressing neglected health concerns and improving quality of life, as best possible. In all cases, we work openly with other medical professionals and health providers caring for you.

Thus by being judiciously health promoting, preventative, complementary and alternative, AIM Swasthya is truly integrative. By knowing the background of these services you can choose how best would they benefit you.


Dr. Namyata Pathak


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