To address tri-fold objectives: Manage diseases. Prevent disorders. Promote health .

Ayurveda, a 5000 year old medical system − the oldest in the world − was designed with two objectives: safeguard the health of the healthy and treat the diseased.

Today, medical schools across the world predominantly focus on training doctors who treat diseases more than they safeguard health. With time, through the experiences of their patients, loved ones and their own selves, some physicians realize the value of proactive, intelligent efforts required to safeguard health. Soon enough, they know that a good prescription needs more than just a lip service for healthy living. AIM Swasthya is an attempt to address all needs from better disease management to a healthy living.

Interestingly, at AIM Swasthya, we also see a third kind of people who neither healthy nor really diseased. They either have suboptimal health (which  is not yet an identifiable disease), predispositions to ailments, are at high risk of diseases from environmental and genetic factors, and may undergo rocky life transitions. These times provide ‘opportunities to treat’ before they become full blown diseases and impact quality of life. During these times, pragmatic, concerted, well informed, time tested strategies can undoubtedly help move towards health and away from disease.

Thus, these trifold objectives −  manage diseases, prevent disorders,  promote health– form the raison d’etre of AIM Swasthya.

Many strategies can be tapped at AIM Swasthya for any phase of the continuum from disease to health.